Want to know more about Disckreet? You will probably find what you’re looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you can’t find an answer to your question in this FAQ, contact us and we will be glad to help.

Disckreet protects both you and your partner by ensuring that your intimate recordings remain private, and can only be seen when both of you agree.  You can choose to store all your files on a single phone, or you can share them across two phones. No matter what you choose, in order to view your photos and videos both you and your partner have to enter a secret passcode.

The very first thing Disckreet will do is ask you (the device owner) to set up a Passcode – Make sure you pick one that your partner cannot easily guess.

Disckreet then determines if you want to use the app across two phones or just on one. If you choose to store the files on one phone, Disckreet will then ask you to pass your phone to your parter so they can set up their secret pass code. If you choose to link two phones it will create an invite code that your partner can enter on their phone to link the two devices.

From that point on, any files that you record or import can only ever bee seen when both you and your partner have entered your passcodes.

You need to choose if you will store your files on a single phone (local mode) or shared across two (shared mode). They each have different advantages and risks

Local Mode
All files are stored on a single phone and are never sent anywhere. This is the most secure way to use Disckreet, but it does mean that your files can only be seen when you and your partner are physically together to enter your passcodes into the one phone.

Shared Mode
In this mode, any photos or videos added on one phone are automatically shared to the other phone. The great advantage is that you and your partner do not need to be physically together to see your files. If you are apart for the night, you can both enter your passcodes on your own phones at the same time to view your files. It’s perfect for those lonely business trips!

All files sent between the two phones are encrypted and very secure. However, sharing is slightly less secure than using a single phone, simply because you are not in the same room as your partner to see what they are doing. If they are really untrustworthy they could use another phone to film the screen, or secretly have someone looking over their shoulder at your files. Disckreet strongly advises you to only share your files across two phones if you trust your partner when they’re not in the same room’.

Disckreet allows you to take photos and pictures directly or import them from your camera roll. We always advise using the camera from within Diskcreet. If you do import pictures or videos, makesure you go back and delete them from your camera roll afterwards

Disckreet will warn you if your partner takes a screenshot. It will also lock them out of the app for 10 minutes. If you feel your partner has betrayed your trust, you can delete your account and all of your files will be deleted from both of your phones. Remember, Disckreet does not have access to the screnshot that triggered the warning and cannot delete it.

A green tick on the bottom right of a thumbnail, means the image has been successfully shared with your partner’s phone.

You most certainly can!  You and your partner both need to log into your existing Disckreet app on your phone and then click “Convert to Shared Mode” in the Settings menu. Disckreet will walk you through the simple steps. Once you convert to shared mode, you can not go back and you will not be able to access your files until your partner completes the installation on their phone.

The goal of Disckreet is to keep your files as safe as possible. Because of this we made a few decisions that would increase security at the expense of convenience. Unfortunately one of those decisions was to not allow passcode recoveries. We felt it was just too easy for a partner to assume your identity and try recover your passcode. In out experience, when we forget a passcode, if you take a break for a while and come back to it you will have  better chance of remembering it.  Good luck, and at least you know your files are safe.


If you deleting the Disckreet app, you will no longer be able to access any of your files.  If you are using the app in solo mode, all files will be deleted, and if you are using shared mode the link between your and your partner will be destroyed. For security reasons, there is no way to recover the link, so remember – If you delete the app, you will lose your files for ever.

Yes you can move Disckreet to a new phone. If you get a new phone you need to do a standard Apple backup and restore and Disckreet will be moved to your new phone. This is the only way to move Disckreet (and your files) to a new phone.

At Disckreet we want to make you are as safe as possible when you capture your intimate moments, but as with any software, there are always risks and we want to be honest about them. Any security expert will tell you there is no such thing as a foolproof or impenetrable system, it is usually just a matter of time, money, and effort before every security system is broken. We agree with that, so while Disckreet the safest way to record and share your intimate moments, you should never assume complete protection. Also, don’t forget that there are some elements out of Disckreet’s control, such as your partner taking an educated guess at your passcode, or filming the screen while you both use Disckreet in shared mode. There is no doubt that using Disckreet will greatly enhance the security of your intimate recordings, but as with anything in life – be careful. If you suspect your partner, or someone else, is up to no good, delete your account and files straight away.