We strongly believe that you should know and understand all the legal policies around using Disckreet. We don’t like those giant legal documents that are impossible for normal people to understand, so here is what you need to know – in plain English.

The plain language Privacy Policy

Disckreet is all about privacy and being discreet. In short:

  • We do not know who you are
  • We can’t see your files (no one but you and your partner can)
  • If you chose to contact us for support or any other reason, any information we may learn as a result will be treated in the strictest confidence and never passed on or sold

When you use Disckreet

We don’t collect any personal information from you or about you. We simply don’t know who you are. Most importantly we have no access to your Disckreet photos and videos, (even if we did, which we don’t, but even if we did, we couldn’t view them because they are securely encrypted) – Nobody but you and your partner are going to see those files!

If you use Disckreet in shared mode between two phones, we use a server to help connect the two phones. This is done in a completely anonymous way, and there is no way that we can use this to figure out your identity (not that we would want to).

In order to increase the security of Disckreet, our server does provide us anonymous reports of usage patterns in aggregate.  For example, it will tell us the total number of people using Disckreet. This information is totally anonymous, cannot be linked back to you, and is used solely for monitoring security and improving the performance of the app. Disckreet will also let us know if something goes wrong and the app crashes, by sending us a crash report. Crash reports are anonymous and allow us to make sure the app is as secure and reliable as possible.

In summary, at no time will we ever know who you are, or be able to see your files from Disckreet.

When you contact us

If you email us for support or to tell us how much you love Disckreet, we will use your contact details to communicate with you – and that is all. We will never let anyone know you use Disckreet. Your details will not be sold or passed on.

When you view our web page

Like almost all web pages, has usage analytics (which requires cookies to be used). These are standard tools to let us know how well our website is communicating with visitors. Again, no personal identifiable information is collected or stored as a result of these analytics and we never know who you are.


Our honest Disclaimer

Disckreet is designed to help keep your intimate files private. It protects you from hackers and your partner doing something unethical. However, our experience in internet security tells us that there is no such thing as a foolproof or impenetrable system, it is usually just a matter of time, money, and effort before every security system is broken. In addition to this there are some elements out of Disckreet’s control, such as your partner taking an educated guess at your passcode,or even filming the screen while you both use Disckreet in shared mode.  Because of these reasons, in good conscience,  we cannot guarantee that your files in Disckreet will not be compromised and so we do not guarantee it. By using Disckreet you are agreeing to our terms of use; Simply that we cannot be held liable or accountable for any unauthorised access or data breaches. There is no doubt that using Disckreet will greatly enhance the security of your intimate recordings, but as with anything in life – be careful. If you suspect your partner, or someone else, is up to no good, delete your account and files straight away.


Want to know more?

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, Disclaimer or Disckreet, please contact us.