One phone or two?

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You need to choose if you will store your files on a single phone (local mode) or shared across two (shared mode). They each have different advantages and risks

Local Mode
All files are stored on a single phone and are never sent anywhere. This is the most secure way to use Disckreet, but it does mean that your files can only be seen when you and your partner are physically together to enter your passcodes into the one phone.

Shared Mode
In this mode, any photos or videos added on one phone are automatically shared to the other phone. The great advantage is that you and your partner do not need to be physically together to see your files. If you are apart for the night, you can both enter your passcodes on your own phones at the same time to view your files. It’s perfect for those lonely business trips!

All files sent between the two phones are encrypted and very secure. However, sharing is slightly less secure than using a single phone, simply because you are not in the same room as your partner to see what they are doing. If they are really untrustworthy they could use another phone to film the screen, or secretly have someone looking over their shoulder at your files. Disckreet strongly advises you to only share your files across two phones if you trust your partner when they’re not in the same room’.