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Secure messaging for couples 
A messaging app that allows you to safely send intimate messages, photos and videos to your partner that can only be viewed with your permission.

Your Pics, Your rules

Disckreet allows you to safely share messages, pictures and videos with your partner. It gives YOU the control over if, and when, they see them

Your partner can only see your content, when you give them permission

Remotely delete any of your content from your partner's phone

Military grade end to end encryption keeps your content safe

Why Use Disckreet?

Have you always wanted to share intimate messages, photos or videos with your partner, but didn't want to risk it?
  • What if your family accidentally see them on your phone?

  • What if your partner decides to show their friends, or put them on the internet?

  • What if a hacker gets access to your phone?

Disckreet solves all these problems by creating a secure space for you and your partner to share intimate photos, videos and messages.
Did you know:
of people share their partner's sexts with 3 or more friends*
of exes threaten to post sexually explicit images online*

How Disckreet Works

Own your content

Unlike other messaging apps, when you share your content in Disckreet you do not give up ownership of it. Not only do you control when, and if, your partner can view your content but Disckreet also lets you remotely delete it from their phone. Delete single messages, photos and videos or everything you have ever shared - You always own your own content.

Two Passcodes

Disckreet protects your privacy with the same protocol the US Military uses to prevent the unathorised launch of a nuclear missile - the Two-person Rule. Both you and your partner have to enter your passcodes before access to your content will be granted.

Military Grade Encryption

Disckreet securely transmits and stores all of your messages, pictures and videos behind military grade 256-bit AES encryption. This end-to-end encryption ensures no one will ever see your content without your consent.

Download Disckreet Now

Disckreet Vault

Not interested in messaging and just want to safely record and store your intimate moments on a single phone?  Try Disckreet Vault. 

It still gives you the protection of military grade encryption and two passcodes, while keeping all your content on a single phone.