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What makes Disckreet so secure?

Disckreet is the most secure way to record and store your intimate files. Not only does it protect you from a breach of trust by your partner, it also protects your private files from hackers. To achieve this, Disckreet uses multiple levels of security, including:

  • Dual passcodes to ensure both parties consent to files being viewed.
  • All files are encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Screenshot detection.
  • Brute force prevention.
  • Jailbreak detection

Read on for the technical details.

The insurance of two passcodes

It may surprise you to know that in the majority of cases where intimate recordings have been made public, it has not been the work of hackers, but rather one of the participants and usually after a bad breakup. Disckreet not only protects you from hackers with its encryption, but it also protects you from what might happen if things go wrong with your partner.

To achieve this Disckreet uses the “Two-person rule”, a protocol used by the US military to stop a single malicious individual from launching a nuclear missile. To stop one lone person doing something wrong, the protocol ensures nothing happens unless two people both turn their separate keys at the same time. Disckreet uses this technique to ensure that neither you nor your partner can access or distribute your intimate recordings without the other persons authorisation. You both have your own private passcodes and Disckreet will not grant access to your files unless you both enter them at the same.

Encryption and data security

Disckreet encrypts all files with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. The key to decrypt the files is derived from the passcodes of both parties, which means without both passcodes being entered, there is no way the file can be decrypted. Even if a hacker is able to access your phone and download all of its data, they still could not view your photos and videos in Disckreet.

Disckreet uses a server to allow your phone to find and communicate with your partner’s. Your interactions with the server are completely anonymous and secured through industry standard SSL encryption. None of your files, decryption keys, or personally identifiable information is stored on the server. Only once you and your partner have logged into Disckreet, will the two phones share their part of the encryption key with each other and grant access to the locally stored files. Once this happens Disckreet constantly monitors the connection to your partner’s phone to ensure as soon as either of you log out or close the app, the other will lose access to the files. It is important to note, that as each phone stores its own part of the encryption key, at no time is the full AES encryption key transferred between the phones, which eliminates the possibility of anyone sniffing the key.

When new files are added to Disckreet they are first encrypted with 256-bit AES and then sent to your partner’s phone. The encrypted files temporarily pass through Disckreet’s server during the transfer, however, they are deleted as soon as they are delivered to the second phone. The files are transmitted securely through SSL and are also fully encrypted by the 256-bit AES. This means if someone was able to intercept them (known as a “man in the middle attack”) they could still not view the contents of your files.

Extra security features

Disckreet employs other security features to ensure your photos and videos remain private.

Screenshot detection

When being used across two phones, it is always possible that your partner will try take a screenshot of your photos and videos. While this is impossible to stop, Disckreet constantly monitors for screenshots. As soon as Disckreet detects a screenshot has been taken it revokes the offender’s access to the files and alerts the other user, who can then delete all of the Disckreet files on both phones if they so choose.

Brute force prevention

There are over 10,000 possible combinations for a Disckreet passcode. If someone tries to guess your passcode, that is a lot of combinations to go through. To prevent someone from spending an entire day trying to guess your passcode, Disckreet employs brute force prevention. If a passcode is entered incorrectly three times the application locks the user out for a set period of time.

Jailbreak detection

Apple devices run a very secure operating system called iOS. iOS security features help to protect your files in Disckreet from unauthorised access. Through a process known as “Jailbreaking” some people rewrite core parts of the iOS system to give them more control over their iPhones. Unfortunately this increase freedom also exposes the phone to a lot more security risks. Disckreet test yours and your partners phone to see if it has been jailbroken and if so will warn both of you. It will not stop you using Disckreet, but it does give you the knowledge that it will be less secure so you can then make an educated decision if you want to proceed.