The Joy of Sharing

Disckreet can now securely share your intimate files with your partner’s phone. It’s perfect for when you and your partner have to be apart, but still want to experience your intimate moments.

Man in hotel room

Business trips don’t have to be so lonely anymore

In the past Disckreet has only worked on a single phone requiring you and your partner to be in the same room to use it. As much fun as making and watching a raunchy tape with your partner is, one of the most common times you want to watch your previous exploits, is when you and your partner can’t be together. Anyone who has been on a business trip, or in a long distance relationship knows all too well how lonely and frustrating they can be. Disckreet’s new sharing capability solves this problem by allowing you and your partner to safely record and view intimate files, even when you are apart. Disckreet now allows you to securely:
  • Take and view photos and videos when you are together
  • View your photos and videos when you are apart and both online
  • Record new photos and videos when you are apart and both online
  • Send new photos and videos to your offline partner, that they won’t be able to see until you are both online
You can still use Disckreet on a single phone and nothing will be transferred anywhere, or you can now take advantage of Disckreet’s sharing feature for secure long distance fun.

How sharing works

If you choose to enable sharing, Disckreet will walk you through a one-time setup process to link your phone to your partner’s. Once you have done this, any photos or videos that are added to one phone are automatically and securely transferred to the other phone. Disckreet still protects your privacy and will not let either of you view your files unless you are both online and enter your passcodes at the same time, only now you can do this from opposite ends of the world. 2-x-iPhone-6-passcode- If your partner is not online when you sign in, you can send them an alert, letting them know you are waiting for them. You can also take new photos and videos that will be automatically sent to them when you both next enter your passcodes. You will not be able to see any files until they come online.   iPhone 6 Silver Offline When you and your partner both enter you passcodes at the same time you are then given access to your files. Any new photos or videos you add will automatically and securely be transferred to your partner. Great if you want to send them a little something extra to remember you by. Disckreet will let you know which files have been successfully shared and also show you if any new files have been added. Disckreet constantly monitors the connection between your phones and will restrict access to your files as soon as one of you logs off.iPhone 6 Silver Linked Gallery For the last 12 months Disckreet has been known the world over as the safest way for couples to record and watch their intimate moments together. Now Disckreet is also the safest way to share intimate moments when couples are apart. app-store-buttons-iphone_og